Blake Mill

Satanic Mill has rebranded to Blake Mill.

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Meet Matthew, the face of Satanic Mill. He’s a great guy, but we’re guessing you have real concerns about buying a shirt from him.

Hell, we would...

Seriously though, we recognise you probably don’t know us that well and have doubts about buying an expensive shirt from a stranger.

Let us try and put your mind at rest? We’re real people. We care passionately about the shirts we make. And we take our customers very seriously. You have a choice, and we know that. There’s a phone number at the top of the screen. We always answer it, and we always try to help.

If you are remotely unhappy with any aspect of your purchase, return it to us immediately, and we will refund you in full, that day. We never argue. We never quibble.

Similarly, if there are any problems with the delivery, just call.

And you might be surprised to find we’re bigger than you might think. We’re expanding so rapidly even we’re struggling to keep up. But we have offices just outside Manchester and in Toronto. And we have distributors in over 25 countries including: England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Japan and Canada.