Blake Mill

Satanic Mill has rebranded to Blake Mill.

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‘No Man Is An Island’
John Donne (1572-1631)

This saying is also applicable to brands like Satanic Mill, we like nothing more than working and co-operating with likeminded companies and brands.

We work with our friends and partners in so many ways but below are two companies that we have worked with recently that we would like to mention and thank especially.

Gibson Brand

We would like to thank Gibson Brands London

For the use of their London showroom for our recent collection photo shoot. Additionally for the loan and use of various guitars including the legendary Sunburst Gibson Les Paul as featured in the photos on this page.

We hope to work with these guys a lot more in the future!

In addition we would like to thank Jeffrey West.

This premium Northampton based Shoe manufacturer is a brand we feel aligned to in terms of outlook and philosophy.

They very kindly supplied the Boots and Shoes for our recent shoot see below, for which we are very grateful and extend our thanks.