Blake Mill

Satanic Mill has rebranded to Blake Mill.

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The Industrial Revolution was born in gigantic British sweatshops known as ‘Satanic Mills’. Those Mills changed the course of history. They revolutionised production and changed society forever.

But, eventually, inevitably, history moved on and the Mills fell silent. 

Until now. We’ve gone back there. Back to the beginning. Back to a Mill with three foot thick walls that once exported clothing to the entire British Empire. A building that is cold in winter and hot in summer, that can’t be wired properly because no one can get a drill through the walls, and which has ceilings so high the light doesn’t reach the floor. But a building where feet have rounded the stone steps over hundreds of years. A building where if listening carefully enough, you can hear the quiet beat of revolution echoing down the hallways.

We listened to those echoes. And they inspired us.

The revolution has been re-born, except this time it’s a revolution not of production methods, but of quality and design. We’ve changed the way shirts look, and the standards to which they are made, hopefully forever.

 Welcome to the revolution.


The Industrial Revolution changed the world two hundred years ago, and now we’re recapturing that spirit of creativity, but in design.  

We don’t follow fashion, and we certainly don’t go with this season’s stripes or polka dots. We strive for bold, original patterns inspired by the world around us. Be it the mathematics Galileo used to prove the sun was the centre of the universe, the computer code hackers use to attack the Pentagon, or the cracks formed in riverbeds by global warming, our designs are a complete departure from anything that has gone before.

Our design brief is extraordinarily simple. More than anything, we demand just one thing of ourselves: that our clothing is truly original.


In a world where nearly all shirts are mass-produced down to a budget we make every garment up to a standard.  We don’t subscribe to cheap throw away fashion.


Take something as simple as the white cotton we make our plain shirts from. Most would just go out and buy it. We took over a year to source it! And, along the way, we rejected literally hundreds of fabrics because they didn't wash well enough, or weren't bright enough or creased too easily. Every detail, every button, every seam, has been agonised over. A Satanic Mill garment looks good on a hanger when new (most garments do) but ours will stay looking good for a very long time.